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Ezgi E. Smith has a Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University and began her career as an associate architect working at different firms to provide design and products research and sourcing. She founded Garex Industries in 2013 when a demand in the American market for European-made products peaked her interest. Using her background in architectural design and family network in Istanbul, Ezgi began to manufacture and distribute for the wholesale demands of industrial supply in the United States.

Passionate about fitness and personal development, Ezgi holds the title for Ms. Fitness Universe Florida 2016, and is a volunteer coach for students looking to transform their lives at Gratitude Training.

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Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Smith obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University and began his career as an assistant architect and later as a construction manager before working with Garex.

When Stefan is not overseeing the conference attendance and managing the sales team for Garex Industries, he spends his time creating wonderful works of mural art and canvas art around the world.

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Chief Financial Officer

Eser Garip has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Florida and a Master of Real Estate Development from New York University. His previous experience consist of private equity and consulting before joining Garex. He oversees the manufacturing and supply process at Garex and works on opening new supply sources and more efficient manufacturing methods for our  products.

He represents us at industry conferences such as NOMMA and Fencetech regularly, as he himself is a member of those Associations. His brilliance and knowledge makes him an integral part of our team.

Fabrizzio Zambrano acquired his Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University in 2014. Before his Architecture career began he worked for major sports and fashion lifestyle brands as Visual Designer and sales manager.

He turned that passion for the Visual Arts into concrete Architectural reality through his modern residential home designs, built during the span of his 6 year architectural career.  

In his spare time he enjoys practicing soccer and traveling  with his family and friends as much as possible. His passion for design has brought to Garex Industries creative ideas for the future of our brand.   


Chief Information Officer


North & South America Sales & Marketing Officer

Hazal Castillo has a bachelor degree in finance from Sabanci University and a masters degree in museum studies from Koç University in Istanbul. She worked as a financial advisor at Deloitte and then continued her career in cultural organizations. Through working at Deloitte, Hazal developed her ability to see win-win collaboration opportunities between clients and her company, which she brings to her work at Garex everyday.


Currently, she is responsible for the sales and marketing operations of Garex Industries in North and South America where she finds new clients for collaboration and relationship development. Her interest in learning about new cultures and meeting new people always helps to expand the company's network.